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Tejomaya Jungle Retreat(resort) in Jim Corbett is a 7-acre paradise for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. It is located near Jim Corbett Ramnagar and’s nestled amid a lush Sal forest,  with clear skies, fresh air, and complete tranquility –a nature Zen experience. With zero noise pollution, this retreat offers a Choices option, to get up close to wild animals and birds. You can choose from 17 spacious cottages and 12 rooms for a luxurious stay in the heart of nature. It’s the perfect place to revive and envelop yourself in the beauty of the jungle.

Services at Tejomaya Resorts: A Nature-Luxe Retreat in Jim Corbett

  1.  Nature’s Beauty: Our resort is designed to connect you with nature’s wonders. It’s like moving forward into a real jungle! Nestled in the best zone of Corbett National Park, we’re closest to the railway station, making your journey to paradise hassle-free.

  2. Wildlife Adventure: come here for exciting jungle safaris! visit the park’s diverse wildlife and vibrant ecosystem. Get equipped for an unforgettable revel in as we take you deep into the coronary heart of nature

  3. Eco-Friendly Comfort: Our rooms and cottages are cozy and eco-friendly. Wake up to the sights and sounds of the jungle. Our place is a birdwatcher’s paradise—where you can enjoy the company of beautiful birds right from your room!

Not just at the resort. It is a haven for wildlife and nature lovers. Tejomaya Resorts invites you to experience luxury and nature in perfect harmony at Jim Corbett’s wildlife viewing paradise.


Welcome to Tejomaya Jungle Retreat, a premier establishment nestled in Village Bailparao, Ramnagar, at the heart of Jim Corbett National Park. Come and experience exclusive accommodation in our 7-acre haven, surrounded by lush vegetation, unspoiled skies, and serenity. Leave behind the hustle and bustle and explore nature at its finest. Reserve your spot now and enjoy a  wildlife retreat!

 Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Tejomaya Jungle Retreat. Set among lush greenery and 6 acres of mango and litchi trees, it serves as a blissful sanctuary for lovers of nature. Revel in the considerable wildlife and a children’s recreational area. This wildlife-based resort blends perfectly with the woodlands, making it an attractive choice for visitors.

"Tejomaya Resorts: Gateway to Ramanagar's Wild Wonders - top 5 Nearby Destinations to Uncover!"

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