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Best Homestay in Bhimtal/Naukuchiatal

Best Homestay In BhimtalNaukuchiatal
Best Homestay In Bhimtal/Naukuchiatal

If you want a great place to relax that is comfortable, beautiful, and feels like home, then Tejomaya Homestay in Naukuchiatal is perfect for you. This homestay, near Bhimtal and Nainital, offers a relaxing and refreshing experience. Here’s why Tejomaya Homestay is the best place to stay in Naukuchiatal.

About Tejomaya Homestay – Best Homestay in Bhimtal/Naukuchiatal

Tejomaya Homestay is in peaceful Naukuchiatal, a beautiful place known for its nine-cornered lake and lovely nature. This homestay is made for a comfortable and unforgettable stay, perfect for families, friends, or solo travelers.

Amenities at Tejomaya Homestay

Tejomaya Homestay - Best Homestay in Bhmtal/Naukuchiatal
Tejomaya Homestay – Best Homestay in Bhimtal/Naukuchiatal

Tejomaya Homestay is highly recommended because it has many great features. Here’s what you can expect:

Spacious Rooms: The homestay has 7 rooms: 1 family room and 6 deluxe rooms.Each room is well-furnished and designed to offer maximum comfort to the guests.

Free WiFi: The free WiFi throughout the property makes it easy to stay connected, perfect for relaxing or working from home.

Free Parking: Guests coming by car will like that the homestay offers free parking.

Laundry Service: If you’re staying a long time, they’ll wash your clothes to keep them clean and fresh.

Power Back-up: The homestay has a backup power system, so you won’t have to worry about blackouts.

BBQ and Bonfire: You can make evenings fun with a BBQ and bonfire, great for enjoying with family and friends.

Helper (Caretaker): A helper is there to help with anything you need while you’re staying.

Geyser and Microwave: The rooms have modern things like hot water geysers and microwaves, so your stay is comfy.

A Hygienic and Delicious Experience

Tejomaya Homestay makes sure everything is really clean and hygienic.The place is super clean, and the yummy food makes the experience even better.Whether you want local food or basic homemade meals, the homestay makes sure you’re happy with what you eat.

Ideal for Groups and Families

This homestay can fit 10-15 people, perfect for family gatherings or trips with friends.The big family room and deluxe rooms make sure everyone has a comfy place to sleep.

Proximity to Naukuchiatal Lake

One great thing about Tejomaya Homestay is where it’s located. The homestay is only 800 meters away from the lovely Naukuchiatal Lake. Being so close means guests can easily go to the lake and do fun stuff like boating, fishing, and picnicking by the water.

Work-from-Home Friendly

Nowadays, being able to work from anywhere is really important. Tejomaya Homestay is a good place to work from home.You can work well at Tejomaya Homestay because it has free WiFi, it’s quiet, and the surroundings are peaceful, so you can also enjoy the beauty of Naukuchiatal.

Breathtaking Views and Activities

The homestay has a beautiful view of the mountains that you can see from 180 degrees, making your stay even more special. You can also see paragliders flying from the property, which adds a fun and exciting touch to your visit.

If you like outdoor stuff, there are lots of things to do in Naukuchiatal.You can hike or just walk around the lake to enjoy the pretty nature around here. People who love adventure can do stuff like paragliding, kayaking, and going on nature walks.

Contact Information

If you have any queries or wish to make a booking, you can contact Tejomaya Homestay at the following numbers:

Call/Whatsapp:- 7454819345/ 9528743025

Email: –



Why Choose Tejomaya Homestay?

Tejomaya Homestay - Best Homestay in Bhimtal/Naukuchiatal
Tejomaya Homestay – Best Homestay in Bhimtal/Naukuchiatal

Best Homestay in Bhimtal/Naukuchiatal

When picking where to stay, think about what makes it special. Here’s why Tejomaya Homestay is a good choice:

Comfort and Convenience: The homestay has lots of things to make you comfy and make your stay easy.

Scenic Location: Being near Naukuchiatal Lake and surrounded by mountains, the place has really pretty views and is super peaceful.

Homely Atmosphere: The homestay is friendly and makes you feel at home right away when you get there.

Activities and Entertainment: At Tejomaya Homestay, you can have a BBQ, watch paragliders, explore the lake, and always find something fun to do.

Ideal for All: Tejomaya Homestay welcomes all kinds of travelers, whether you’re with family, friends, or on a work trip.

In Conclusion

Tejomaya Homestay in Naukuchiatal is an amazing place to stay. Tejomaya Homestay has cozy rooms, great stuff to use, and pretty views, making your stay awesome. Whether you’re staying for a short trip or a long one, Tejomaya Homestay is the perfect pick. Don’t forget to reserve your stay and enjoy Naukuchiatal at its finest with this great homestay!

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