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The best resort for corporate outings in Jim Corbett

Best Resort for Corporate Outing in Jim Corbett: Tejomaya Jungle Retreat

Planning a corporate outing can be a dismaying task. The ideal destination for your event should offer a blend of business and spare time, providing an environment favorable to productivity, team-building, and relaxation. If you’re looking for such a destination, then Tejomaya jungle retreat in Jim Corbett got your back. Here are some pointers on why Tejomaya Jungle Retreat stands out as the best resort for your next corporate outing in Jim Corbett.

Best Resort in Jim Corbett - Tejomaya Jungle Retreat
Best Resort in Jim Corbett – Tejomaya Jungle Retreat

Serene Natural setting

Tejomaya Jungle Retreat, located in the middle of Jim Corbett National Park, provides a unique natural setting. Surrounded by lush greenery, calm forests, and the soothing sounds of nature, the retreat offers a welcome respite from the rush and bustle of city life. The tranquil setting is ideal for unwinding, reflecting, and encouraging creativity among team members.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Tejomaya Jungle Retreat offers modern amenities to meet all of your corporate demands. The resort has a fully equipped conference space, high-speed internet, and audio-visual equipment to ensure your meetings and presentations run smoothly. The seamless marriage of nature and technology makes it an excellent location for corporate gatherings, conferences, and workshops.

Luxurious Accommodation

Comfort is essential for corporate outings, and Tejomaya Jungle Retreat does not disappoint. The resort provides a variety of elegant accommodations, including big rooms and private cottages, all created with meticulous attention to detail. Each room is equipped with modern conveniences to ensure that your team has a comfortable and restful stay.

Team-Building Activities

One of the delights of a corporate outing at Tejomaya Jungle Retreat is the wide range of team-building activities provided. The resort provides guided nature hikes, wildlife safaris, and adventure activities such as rappelling and river crossings. These activities are intended to improve cooperation, communication, and problem-solving abilities while also giving an exciting experience in the great outdoors.

tejomaya jungle retreat
Delectable Cuisine

Food is an important part of any good excursion, and Tejomaya Jungle Retreat takes pleasure in its gastronomic offerings. The resort’s restaurant delivers a selection of delectable cuisine to suit a wide range of tastes and dietary needs. Tejomaya’s dining experience will thrill your team, with options ranging from local specialties to international cuisine.


Corporate outings are more than just work; they also provide an opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate. Tejomaya Jungle Retreat has yoga sessions and meditation workshops. These wellness exercises are ideal for easing stress, improving focus, and promoting overall health among team members.

Proximity to Major Cities

Tejomaya Jungle Retreat is conveniently accessible, being only a few hours’ drive from large cities such as Delhi and Dehradun, making it an ideal alternative for corporate outings. The resort also provides transportation services, assuring a smooth journey for your crew.

Personalized Services

Tejomaya Jungle Retreat understands that each corporate outing is unique. Our committed team works closely with you to tailor your event to your exact needs. From themed dinners to special activities, we go above and beyond to make your corporate outing memorable.

Choosing the right site for a corporate outing can have a big impact on the event’s success. Tejomaya Jungle Retreat in Jim Corbett is the ideal location for your next corporate outing, thanks to its tranquil setting, cutting-edge facilities, exquisite accommodations, and diverse activities. Give your team the gift of nature, relaxation, and unrivaled hospitality at Tejomaya Jungle Retreat.

Plan your corporate outing with us and get the best of Jim Corbett. Contact Tejomaya Jungle Retreat immediately to reserve or inquire!

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