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Destination Wedding

Are Looking for a location for a Destination wedding

Tejomaya Jungle Retreat is the best location for your Destination Wedding

At Tejomaya Jungle Retreat, which is now every element—from the opulent lodging to the calming sounds of nature

— is intended to make your wedding day unforgettable.

Enjoy the peace of nature while commemorating your love in this beautiful location,

where each second turns into a treasured memory.

Let Tejomaya Jungle Retreat serve as the backdrop for your romantic tale,

creating an enduring memory of passion and happiness.

As you walk down the aisle under the canopy of trees

with birds serenading you and the soothing rustle of leaves as background music,

you’ll feel nature’s blessings encompassing your union.

The knowledgeable staff at the resort will attend to all of your needs

And make sure that your day is everything you could have ever dreamed of.

At Tejomaya Jungle Retreat, we meticulously plan and execute every part of your wedding.

from the beautiful decor that fits flawlessly with the natural surroundings to the delectable cuisine that tantalizes your taste buds.

Following the exchange of vows as well as the start of the festivities, you and your guests can enjoy a variety of activities provided by the resort, such as nature walks and wildlife safaris, making the wedding day itself an amazing experience. The breathtaking Jim Corbett National Park will serve as the perfect backdrop for your love story, lending an air of mystery and adventure to your special day. Tejomaya Jungle Retreat is more than just a location—it’s a haven where dreams come true, love blooms, and memories are created.

At Tejomaya, we strive for perfection. Our dedicated staff makes certain that every part of your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. Come to Tejomaya Jungle Retreat to luxuriate in luxury, soak in quiet, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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