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Homestay in Bhimtal with Kitchen

Homestay in Bhimtal with Kitchen
Homestay in Bhimtal with Kitchen

If you want a peaceful and beautiful place to stay in Bhimtal with kitchen, check out Tejomaya Homestay. Tejomaya Homestay is known as the best place to stay in the area. It offers a great experience with comfort, beautiful scenery, and exciting activities.

A Perfect Place to Stay

Tejomaya Homestay is near the peaceful Naukuchiyatal Lake. It offers beautiful views that will charm and relax you. The property offers a 180° view of the beautiful mountains. Guests can watch paragliders in the sky right from their rooms. This beautiful scenery is perfect for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy nature.

For the best experience, it’s recommended to book all the rooms on the property. If you want to book fewer rooms, you can contact the management at +91 7454819345 or

Convenient Location and Accessibility

Tejomaya Homestay is easy to reach, located 40 km from Pantnagar Airport and 30 km from Kathgodam. This location is easy to get to and offers a peaceful retreat. Guests can enjoy the quiet mountains while being close to transportation hubs.

Tejomaya Homestay in Bhimtal with Kitchen

Homestay in Bhimtal with Kitchen

The property has a large parking area that can accommodate 4 to 5 or more cars, providing plenty of space for guests’ vehicles. You’ll find the main lawn of the homestay up just 10 stairs from the parking area. A welcoming pathway then leads guests to different parts of the house.

When you enter, you’ll see a lovely lawn kitchen and a powder room conveniently located nearby. The layout then leads to the drawing room, which connects to two comfortable bedrooms on the ground floor. This layout is great for hosting parties and family get-togethers.

Going up to the first floor, you’ll find three bedrooms facing the mountains. Each one is designed to capture the amazing views of Naukuchiyatal’s landscape. These rooms offer a peaceful and cozy space for relaxation.

The second floor has the home’s highlight: a big family bedroom with a connected deck.On this floor, there’s another bedroom with its bathroom and three large bathrooms, providing a peaceful and comfortable retreat.

Homestay in Bhimtal with Kitchen

One great thing about Tejomaya Homestay is its fully equipped kitchen, perfect for families or groups who like to cook their meals. Also, there’s a helper (caretaker) available to assist guests with anything they need, making sure their stay is comfortable and easy.

Endless Activities and Adventures

Tejomaya Homestay isn’t just for relaxing; it’s also a starting point for many adventure activities. From the property, guests can watch paragliders flying over the mountains. If you want more adventure, Naukuchiyatal has lots to offer like paragliding, hot air balloon rides, kayaking, boating, nature walks, hiking, and more. Being close to Naukuchiyatal Lake means you can enjoy peaceful walks around the lake, fully appreciating nature’s beauty.

A Balance of Calm and Adventure

Homestay in Bhimtal with kitchen

Tejomaya Homestay’s great location lets guests enjoy both peace and adventure. Whether you like peaceful mountains or exciting outdoor activities, this homestay has something for everyone. The stunning views from every window create a beautiful picture of the valley’s 180-degree mountain view, bringing the outdoors inside.

Tejomaya Homestay is special because it offers beautiful views, cozy rooms, and an unforgettable experience. With a full kitchen, big and well-planned rooms, and lots of adventure options, guests have all they need for a great stay.


To sum up, Tejomaya Homestay in Bhimtal with kitchen is ideal for anyone who wants a mix of comfort, beautiful surroundings, and adventure. Because it’s close to Naukuchiyatal Lake and has great features and activities, Tejomaya Homestay is the best place to stay in the area. It’s best to book all rooms for the full experience, but you can also book individual rooms by contacting management.

For a peaceful and memorable getaway in the beautiful Kumaon region, Tejomaya Homestay is the perfect option. Whether you want to relax, enjoy nature, or have exciting adventures, Tejomaya Homestay has something for everyone. Pack your bags and get ready to make great memories at this amazing homestay.

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