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Opening of New Kota Zone in Jim Corbett

Are you looking for details of the New Kota Zone in Jim Corbett?

Discover Wilderness Luxury: Tejomaya Resorts Welcomes You in the Opening of New Kota Zone in Jim Corbett

We are thrilled to inform you that a new zone is open in Jim Corbett National Park.

nature lovers and adventure lovers already know about Jim Corbett,

it is a famous park in Uttarakhand. where you can explore the alluring beauty of flora and fauna.

As there are eight zones in Corbett. But now one more will also be recognized recently named as the Kota zone. People who get to know about Kota Zone will switch their tourism to this park.

About the New Kota Zone In Jim Corbett, Ramnagar

In the Kota zone, you can explore the various species of plants and animals with the alluring lush greenery, like in the other zone of Zim Corbett. Here you will make new memories of fun activities with your loved ones

This zone is located near the Sitabani zone of Jim Corbett National Park, approximately 33 kilometers away. Nature enthusiasts can easily get there by their vehicle, a private tourism bus, or a taxi. Visitors can choose the kind of transportation that is most comfortable for them. However, it is recommended that visitors arrive by their means of transportation. It will save them money and time, while also providing them with their private place.

What sets the Kota Zone apart?

The Kota zone spanned 26 kilometers, from Bhandarpani regain to the Kota range. This is now called the Kota Tourism Zone. Most people are unaware of this location because it only opened a few days ago. However, folks looking for fresh locations will undoubtedly discover it.

Kota Zone is a lesser lesser-explored region within Jim Corbett National Park, it offers a unique opportunity for travelers to delve deep into the wilderness and encounter a diverse array of flora and fauna.

The Expansion into the Kota Zone marks an outstanding milestone for Tejomaya Resorts, symbolizing our commitment to providing unparalleled experience for nature and adventure enthusiasts, and wildlife fanatics.

Every moment in the Kota zone is a chance to reconnect with nature in its purest form.

Prepare Your Belongings According To The Tour

We recommend that you prepare your tour before coming here, such as the type of convenience they will decide, you can stay in nearby resorts such as Tejomaya resorts

Best Resort near Kota zone
Tejomaya Resorts understands that luxury is not just above lavish amenities but also the best experiences that touch your soul. Our resort in the Kota zone is carefully designed to complement the natural surroundings whether you choose a cozy cottage tucked away in the forest or a luxurious room each living space is crafted to provide comfort and an unforgettable experience.

Fun Activities –
Tejomaya Resorts has something for every person you can indulge in the swimming pool and enjoy water activities also we have a dedicated playing area for kids where they can play and enjoy the rides, if you want a peaceful eve you can go for natural walks and can refresh your soul in our yoga sessions – so there’s something for every person

you can also enjoy meals in our in-house restaurant whether you want open dining under the stars or dinner near the bonfire, we have everything

Plan your tour with us and indulge in the new safari zone(Kota Zone) and enjoy a stay at Tejomaya Jungle Retreat.

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