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Choose Your Perfect Safari Zone in Jim Corbett National Park.

Are you looking for the best safari zone in jim corbett? if so, then we are here to help you with the best guidance to choose the safari zone of your choice. we’ve often observed that most people book their jungle safari without having any knowledge about the zones. They don’t have any idea that every zone has its specialty, they just randomly choose it as per the packages they got, this type of tour becomes useless when they don’t have proper knowledge and guidance many guests don’t know about the various zones, that how many zones come comes under jungle safari and whats their famous spot, species and their specialty.

The Jim Corbett National Park includes eight zones in total. The list recently added a new zone named Kota. Each person will have their own choices and expectations for jungle safaris, and we will discuss them one by one.

Some people love to watch flora and fauna but some love to watch wildlife only, some love to watch various types of plants, trees, flowers, etc. On the other hand, some are bird lovers, and some guest loves to watch water bodies in the dense forest, so it varies according to the person or person.

So, which zone is perfect for them according to their interest is the only thing visitors should know, now let’s study which zone is perfect for you.

9 Safari Zones According to Their Special Sites
so let’s discuss all the aspects of the various zones in Jim Corbett National Park, such as the famous spot of a particular area, when to visit? which time is suitable etc.

Kota Zone
The king of the jungle, along with renowned water features, has recently attracted tigers, leopards, elephants, and other untamed animals. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to view a variety of bird species and water features. Although it is still under development, visitors are welcome.

Dhikala zone
November through June is the best period of the year to visit the Dhikala Zone. This is the best zone for wildlife sightings; it is Jim Corbett National Park’s largest zone, with dense forest cover. Don’t feel alarmed when you see tigers pursuing deer because this is a popular destination for tigers, who like seeing a variety of wild creatures, including different sorts of deer. Elephants, leopards, and other wild species are among the various animals that you can view. Furthermore, the vast Ramganga riverbed is visible from a watchtower located in the jungle. In this body of water, various aquatic animals, including crocodiles, are present.

Bijrani Zone
The best time to visit this zone is between October and June. This area is well-known for its breathtaking views, and nature lovers can enjoy seeing its rich vegetation, which includes a variety of lovely flowering plants and a deep forest filled with Sal trees. Tigers are also visible; they frequent this area. Moreover, birding is another popular activity here. Various bird species are visible to visitors.

Jhirna Zone
This is the only zone that is open all year; people can visit the Jhirna Zone at any time. They don’t have to second-guess their decision before going. People may see a variety of species here, including tuskers, elephants, wild bears, jackals, and many kinds of deer. There are also many different bird species to see.

Garjiya Zone
This zone, also known as the Ringora zone, attracts visitors from November to June. With its exquisite vegetation, this area is the most scenic. In addition, tourists may have the opportunity to see tigers, who typically roam through forests.

Sitabani Zone
This place is open all year round and is frequented by people at any time of day. It’s regarded as one of the safest areas. People can also stay at our resort in Jim Corbett to have an easy, exciting tour with their loved ones. It is really appropriate for all kinds of visitors, be it a family tour, a couple’s tour, a friend’s tour, or an office tour. With the exception of tigers and leopards, this forest is particularly well-known for its wildlife, spiritual locations, and vegetation. Along with other species like elephants, deer, nilgai, etc., people can see tigers. People can schedule a vehicle safari to quickly visit the entire forest because it is so vast.

Phato Zone
This is the most beautiful forest area; people are peaceful and relaxed. Based on visitor feedback, this area is ideal for those seeking peaceful surroundings. Visitors may encounter tigers and other wild species here; this is one of the most positive places with wonderful vibes, based on their input.

Dhela Zone
This zone is mostly restricted owing to severe weather, but when people do visit, they may observe the numerous magnificent trees, such as Sal trees and other plants. Furthermore, according to tourist reports, this area is well-known for sightings of seven tigers at once. In 2014, this was the recently opened zone. On top of the watchtower, people can also view tigers.

Durga Devi Zone
It is permitted for those who intend to visit to do so between November and June. This is the ideal area for bird watching; visitors can see a variety of bird species. Additionally, there are reports of sightings of a variety of species here, including elephants, deer, tigers, and leopards.

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