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Wildlife resort in Jim Corbett

Explore the Wildlife resort: Tejomaya Jungle Retreat in Jim Corbett

Welcome to the attractive world of wildlife resort and luxury nestled in the heart of Jim corbett national park!

Let’s journey to discover the remarkable Tejomaya Jungle Retreat, a heaven where adventure meets comfort.

Embracing Nature’s Abode

Imagine waking up with the musical sound of birds and a rustling of leaves, surrounded by dense forests and greenery,

Tejomaya Jungle Retreat, located near the famed Jim corbett park in Uttarakhand,

Offers an immersive beautiful experience in the lap of nature.

Our eco-friendly resort is designed without harming nature or any wildlife

And is the perfect blend of nature and luxury,

we offer our guests a cozy stay amidst the wildlife.

The Tejomaya Experience

At Tejomaya Jungle Retreat, every aspect of our resort is designed to ensure an unforgettable experience.

From Comfortable and elegantly designed cottages to a warm and attentive staff,

Our resort is a sanctuary for nature supporter and wildlife lovers alike.


You can choose from a range of beautifully appointed accommodations, including cottages and jungle-themed rooms,

Each offering panoramic views of the forest.

Wake up with birds chirping or catch a glimpse of exotic bird species right away from your window.


Indulge in delectable cuisine served at our in-house restaurant,

Our chefs use fresh, organic ingredients sourced locally to craft culinary delights that tantalize your taste birds.


Immerse yourself in the wilderness with a variety of activities,

You can go for jungle safaris where our experienced guide will guide you.

You can also explore the jungle on a nature walks, or can indulge in birdwatching sessions.


After a day filled with adventures, pamper yourself with our yoga sessions surrounded by nature.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Jim Corbett National Park, Tejomaya Jungle Retreat works to preserve its natural ecosystem.

Plan Your Escape

Whether you are a Wildlife enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone seeking wilderness,

Tejomaya Jungle Retreat promises an unparalleled experience.

Disconnect from the disruption of city life and reconnect with nature at its excellence.

Getting here -The resort can be easily reached by road from major cities such as Delhi and Dehradun.

And the nearest airport is [Pantnagar Airport].

Book your stay – Ready to rejuvenate your soul? Plan your stay now!

Tejomaya Jungle Retreat is the best gateway that offers a cozy and comfortable stay together,

whether you are seeking adventure or any peaceful gateway Tejomaya Jungle Retreat is the best option for you.

Plan your stay at Tejomaya jungle retreat for an experience that combines luxury with nature seamlessly.

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